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Postby worfc » Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:52 pm

When I first started writing worfc, I wasn't at all confident of the data-handling or -structure, and I felt certain it was was going to change & evolve so much as to leave a huge mess of legacy hacks behind in any farm that was started before we shipped v1.0.

(Heh. The early versions of the game didn't even save your farm -- every launch was a start-over from the demo farm -- since I just knew that data was going to change in wild & crazy ways!)

And so, from the very beginning I've said that, somewhere near the end of Beta, I was going to delete everyone's farm and they could all start over.


Turns out that I did a fairly decent job of designing things, and left myself a neat tool-of-paranoia for the app to update older data formats to newer versions when they came along and things are in much better shape than I thought they'd be when we started.

And so I am pleased to tell you now:


Whatever work you did getting to where you are now, you can just keep right on going, once we ship v1.0. In fact, I've got a couple of surprises for the beta testers, and a mechanism to deliver them remotely. <G>

NOTE: If you want to reset your farm, you can. Either play the demo farm, which never saves, so it's always a start-over, or delete the app & reinstall, in which case your old farm will remain on the server, but you'll become "a new user" as far as the app is concerned.

NOTE^2: "Soon!", I plan to add a feature where you can "login" using Facebook (or something similar), and the game will forever remember you as that user. Once this is implemented, you can delete the app, reinstall and recover your farm with your FB (or whatever it is) login. THIS IS NOT YET IMPLEMENTED!

Anyway: NO BETA RESET. That's the big news, here.

Enjoy! :)
Posted by WORFC, board admin, moderator, game author.

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