Getting Started: Robot Interior

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Getting Started: Robot Interior

Postby rkda » Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:13 pm

Welcome to your robot.
There's lots and lots of stuff going on in here, and most of it will make sense...eventually...

Here are a two quick reference images with labels. There really is a lot of stuff in here...
(Try to open these images in a separate window so you can see the image and the text at the same time)

In no particular order... here's what we have, along with brief descriptions of what these things do.
(Many items are covered in more detail elsewhere in the tutorial.)

  • Robot Power Switch
    This is the power switch for this specific robot. Red is off, green is on.
  • Brain
    The robot has lots of learning it can do. You should probably get started on something.
    (I recommend starting with Genetics 1, then Mechanical 2, then raise everything to level 2. After that try to keep them pretty much even as you level up your skills. Your robot puts up a big splash dialog when it learns a new level...use that to keep up the balance of skills.)
  • Bumpers / Thrusters
    There are 4 of each. Only two of each are marked, the others look similar, but point in different directions, from the other sides of the robot. (There is a whole section on bumpers and thrusters.)
  • Soldering Iron
    This is your one and only tool in the game. You wire the does the work.
    (Your also have your brains...but hopefully they are still in your head.)
  • Name
    If you tap the name, it opens up a little dialog that lets you edit the name of your bot. And, see the battery charge.
    (Be careful. If you name the bot, it's yours now. And it will probably follow you home at night.)
  • Battery
    Shows the battery charge, and lets you change the name of your robot.
    (Remember though..You name's yours...and you are expected to clean up after it.)
  • Eye / CCTV
    The robot has a camera. If you tap the eye, it turns the camera on.
    (It is extremely useful to be able to see what the robot is doing, especially while you are learning how to wire it up.)
    If you tap the eye again, it cycles through the various camera modes. Try them out. See what you can see.
    The CCTV icon make the camera track the robot as it moves around the farm. Sometimes it's helpful, other times you just want to look at a specific location.
  • GPS
    It's broken. You might be able to fix/replace it later. Right now the only signal you can get from it is "robot moved". Not how far, not which direction, just "moved".
  • Grabber Arm
    The robot can pick stuff up and move it around. It uses the arm. (Lots of details elsewhere.)
  • Crafting Table
    This is where your robot make things. (Lots of details elsewhere.)
  • Market
    Buy things. Sell things. It's a market...
  • Comm - unications (It's a really long word to try to fit into a speech bubble.)
    This robot can talk to other robots on your farm. (I wonder what that conversation sounds like?)
    You won't need this for a long time.
  • Tool Rack
    You might think this is where you put your tools...nope! (The ONLY tool you get is the soldering iron.) This is where the robot keeps its tools.
  • Inventory
    After the robot picks up stuff, it should probably put things in here.
  • Chip Tray
    You start with a few *spare parts* in here. Later you will be able to make lots more. (Then the mad scientist in you comes out, as you start wiring up wild and crazy logic circuits, to do interesting stuff.)
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Re: Getting Started: Robot Interior

Postby Denis » Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:04 pm

Great posts in this part of the forum rkda! I just saw them, I need to set my subscriptions in order. :)

Well done!
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Re: Getting Started: Robot Interior

Postby noivad » Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:11 am

I like the playful writing style. Nice work.
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Полезный сайт

Postby Olegzonse » Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:01 am

Спасибо за инфу.
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