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Re: ping-pong bot

Postby worfc » Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:23 pm

Oh, right! Because of the recent change where bumpers feel first fwd, then 1/8 left/right, then 1/8 the other way. Forgot about that.

Ok, fine. I stand corrected! :)
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Re: ping-pong bot

Postby noivad » Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:36 pm

worfc wrote:The ping-pong wiring shown goes NW/SE, so would be better suited to the SW wall.

I've not tried but, if you can't ping-pong NE/SW along the NW wall, that'd be a bug. (Same thing any of the 4 walls, but your ping-pong-er has to be wired to go the correct 2 directions! :) )

Exactly. I get stuck in corners because the bumpers detect the walls and activate my flip-flop. If bumpers could be rotated 45°via an input that’s be cool to be able to wire your robot to rotate its bumpers if it got stuck. or if we had a counter, it if did the same loop of 3*3 in the top corner more than 2 times.
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